Conference/ Special Issue Support

International Journal of Advance Computational Science and Engineering Technology (IJACSET) looking for opportunities to cooperate with National /International conference organizers all over the world to publish the conference proceedings separately. Most of the time Ideas and views shared in the conferences, the ideas being discussed and analyzed by very few attending the conference and to those who be given the proceedings. Only a few conferences publish their proceedings in online media through journals and we are the one as the well-known International journal would like to support the organizations who are interested in publishing their proceedings through us.

What do we offer?

Our Journal assure you start to end support to the organizations willing to have our support, being an association devoted to bringing your research work online in the best possible way we are here to help those who are in need of support. Once the proposal to support a conference is approved by our editorial board we have a tendency to begin operating with the conference team to push their conference on website and altogether potential ways in which. We provide the subsequent services to the conference organizers in order that their conference is promoted in an exceedingly higher approach. We provide the following services to the conference organizers so that their conference is promoted in a better way

  • Providing a separate web page for the conference in our site if needed with all details related to the conferences
  • Plagiarism checking service if needed.
  • Technical and academic support to the conference organizers if needed.
  • Publication of conference proceedings through our journals or as separate proceedings with ISSN number.

Service Charges

Taking into consideration our prime motto of supporting broadcasting of scientific and technical information and to promote the conference in a better way we charge a separate service fee (very less or nominal) for the service we offer. Conference Proceeding will only be in digital mode only.

Approval Duration

Commonly we choose about supporting the conference within 2 days from the receiving the normal consent and interest in the concerned institution /Organization. For further details or any inquiry regarding the conference please send us at incorporating the details of your proposed.

Please send Email Regarding conference Details and Procedure to Our Email Id

MOB: +91 9823193486, +918668261409

Conference Proposal

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