Ethical standards for publication exist to make sure reliable and high-quality research publications, trust in scientific findings, which researchers receive credit for his or her work . IJACSET follows strict Code of Conduct and aims to stick to its Best Practices.


All articles written by IJACSET unit committed to business enterprise only original material, i.e., material that has neither been written elsewhere, neither is beneath review elsewhere. Manuscripts that unit found to have been plagiarized from a manuscript by completely different authors, whether or not or not written or unpublished, will incur plagiarism penalty.

Duplicate Submission:

IJACSET papers i.e. Manuscripts that unit found to have been written elsewhere, or to be beneath review elsewhere, will sustain duplicate submission sanctions. If authors have used their own previously written work, or work that is presently beneath review, as a result of the idea for a submitted manuscript, they are required to cite the previous work and indicate but their submitted paper offers original contributions on the way facet those of the earlier work.

Improper Author Contribution or Attribution:

All listed authors should have created a major scientific contribution to the analysis within the manuscript and approved all its claims. It’s vital to list everybody World Health Organization created a major scientific contribution, as well as students and laboratory technicians.

Reviewers must:

  • Maintain the confidentiality of the review method.
  • Directly alert their journal editor of any real or potential competitor interest that might have an effect on the inclination of their reviewing and decline to review wherever applicable.
  • Conduct themselves fairly and impartially.

We square measure aware, of course, that lecturers can come back from a selected faculty of thought and/or could have robust ties to a selected interest. All we tend to raise is that reviewers try to act fairly. If doubtful regarding whether or not a conflict exists, a reviewer ought to be clear and request the views of the journal editor.

Editors should:

  • Maintain and promote consistent moralpolicies for his or her journals.
  • Manage and act to enforce those policies as required in an exceedingly truthful and consistent manner.
  • Make sure theconfidentiality of the review method.
  • Exercise the very beststandards of private integrity in their work as editor of the journal, recognizing and coming up with for instances wherever they may have a competitory interest or the looks of a competitory interest.
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